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  Pal-NTSC converter

Pal Standard- PAL technology is a video format used in broadcast television systems in most of the part of the world. Used on 50Hz frequency it is an analogue system. Pal standard was introduced in 1967. Famous countries where PAL standard is used are India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Indonesia. It delivers 625 lines per second.

NTSC Standard- It delivers 525 lines. United States and Japan are the main countries where NTFC standard is used. It provides a composite video signal in which all the colors are present.

Due to inappropriateness in these 2 video standards, video tapes of one region cannot be played on the television of some other country. It means video tape of USA cannot be played in India. The solution tot his problem is to have VCR or TV which have an inbuilt PAL-NTSC converter which is capable for converting PAL video tape to NTSC for viewing.

Some VCRS have a built in pal-NTSC converter and some buy separate stand alone converter. If your multi-system VCR does not have a converter, you should have a multi-system television so as to play the tape. offers Pal-ntfc converters which convert any of the video standards into the other. These converters support Pal, NTSC, secam. The converter equipment is connected to the VCR output and with the converter output going into the television's signal input. Hence, if you are playing a PAL video disc on your multi-system DVD, the output result of the converter is in NTSC standard, compatible with the standard of your television.