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  Patiala Suits

In spite of much attraction towards western clothing, traditional dresses are still in high demand everywhere. One such traditional dress which is widely worn is patiala suits. This variety of suits is so comfortable and it suitss every female of any size and age. It consists of a shirt, dupattas and a loose baggy pyjama shaped trouser. The length of the shirt varies according to your personal choice. Earlier patiala suits was literally a traditional village dress used to worn by village ladies. But all thanks to our designers who have brought innovative designs in patiala suits that every other modern female is also crazy for salwar suits and they wear patiala suits at marriages or at homes. Patiala Salwar suits looks similar to the normal salwar suits with the only difference that in patiala salwar there are many pleates and pleates make a big fall at back.

New designs are added on neck, arms, sleeves and slits to make it party wear. Heavy embroideries are done on front neck or at the bottom of shirt or at the back around the neck. The patiala suitss come in variety of colors, designs, fabrics and sizes. They are exported in foreign countries and are happily worn their by Punjabi females settled there and by English females also. Online shopping is very easy and reliable these days. You do not need to run here and there to buy an outfit for you. Just visit and enter the e catalogue and view the available designs in many dresses and you can also compare the prices.